Monday, August 5, 2013

Because staying out past bedtime is so worth it - Part 3

Another summer, another evening at the fair.  photo IMG_3013_zpsbf4c3d5a.jpg

Normally this sort of thing is absolutely thrilling for Will.  He LOVES "spinny rides."  Although, our fearless boy who rode Thunder Mountain at Disney World countless times, was a little nervous this go 'round.

He definitely had his favorites and, thanks to his fancy paper bracelet, he got to ride these race cars as much as he wanted.
 photo IMG_2991_zpsf101df93.jpg

Amelia got to go on a couple of rides, but, much to her dismay, she was still too teeny for most of them.
 photo IMG_3002_zps31a3ba91.jpg  photo IMG_3015_zps9f0fd7b2.jpg

Amelia rode the Crazy Bus and loved it.  Will, however....
 photo IMG_3025_zps67ee59cd.jpg
Despite the fact that he rode this twice by himself last year, he acted terrified.  He spent the ride clutching Amelia's arm since she was the closest one to him.  But once it stopped, he laughed and said, "That wasn't so bad."  Sure, Will.  Sure...

Luckily he found some rides that better suited him.
 photo IMG_3030_zpsdec7cbd6.jpg  photo IMG_3029_zps985a0b71.jpg

Love how little kids make friends everywhere they go.
 photo IMG_3051_zps67e874d0.jpg

It was another great night to be at the fair.
 photo IMG_3064_zps3a4875e6.jpg  photo IMG_3069-2_zps2d71680b.jpg

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