Thursday, August 22, 2013

Happy birthday, Dad.

Me: Will, how old do you think Daddy's turning?
Will: I don't know. Maybe 5?

 According to Will, 5 is when all the magic happens. At 5 he is going to get married, drive a car, and drink beer.

Mike had a birthday a few days ago, and with a 3 year old in the house, that means you have a party complete with games, cake, decorations, and balloons.

Amelia is a huge fan of balloons lately.
 photo IMG_3438_zps649910ea.jpg

The day started off a little rainy, but we managed to get outside for a small part of it.
 photo IMG_3452_zpsce6fcafd.jpg

Our photogenic party girl.
 photo IMG_3464_zps0b12a70d.jpg

Photobombing by Bailey.
 photo IMG_3467_zpsacb9acbe.jpg  photo IMG_3476-2_zpsa85f76af.jpg

Then it was time to party.
 photo IMG_3481_zpsb383694e.jpg

Will chose a pirate theme for Daddy's party.  And what would a pirate party be without a pirate costume?  It's Will's new favorite thing to wear.  In fact, he wears it just about every day.
 photo IMG_3484_zpse57f1604.jpg  photo IMG_3501_zpsd3388625.jpg  photo IMG_3493_zps66620130.jpg

Will's favorite part - the cake!  Or, really, just the frosting.
 photo IMG_3509_zps042bcf87.jpg  photo IMG_3512_zps15740cf0.jpg

Will picked out a few things at the dollar store for Mike: a birthday card that said he was as sweet as cake, a blue plastic cup with a lid, car wash, motor oil, and strawberry sandwich cookies.    photo IMG_3514_zps56f5ff0e.jpg

Happy 5th birthday, Dad!  XO


Christen Sanderson said...

Sweet! Love this post! Birthdays are so fun with kids around, aren't they?

Rebecca said...

Will clearly knows his dad's love of cars very well. And I love the Amelia had her own party theme going on