Thursday, August 1, 2013

Our weekend in Massachusetts

Last Friday, the kids and I kissed Daddy goodbye and traveled north with Grandma.  photo IMG_2842_zps3e8393ea.jpg

Originally the plan was for Amelia to stay behind as it's a very long car trip.  But then plans changed last minute and she tagged along.   photo IMG_2847_zps7dbf6b6e.jpg

Will told me Amelia had to come too.  He loves his baby.
 photo IMG_2851_zps0a7d452d.jpg  photo IMG_2857_zps1235ce90.jpg

It was a short two days that we filled with as much activity as possible.  Like, a trip to Kimball Farm with family.
 photo IMG_2871_zpsa409124e.jpg

Not sure who Will liked more - Penelope the pig...
 photo IMG_2874_zps3b793a3a.jpg

or his "boy and girl cousins" aka "Michael and the girl with the tiger shirt."
 photo IMG_2877_zpsa7ba2f20.jpg  photo IMG_2884_zpsd59c19d6.jpg

Will was a fan of this guy, too - little cousin Brendan.
 photo IMG_2887_zps512b1423.jpg  photo IMG_2892_zpsdd51bf78.jpg

Little cousin hugs.
 photo IMG_2890_zps69737b23.jpg

Massachusetts is delicious.
 photo IMG_2897_zpsceafef63.jpg

On Sunday we went to what is quickly becoming another favorite place - Davis Farmland.
 photo IMG_2903_zpscbb5873d.jpg  photo IMG_2906_zpsbfa3eef9.jpg

So many animals to see and so much to do.
 photo IMG_2910_zps7b52fe88.jpg  photo IMG_2915_zpsa1c1db6b.jpg  photo IMG_2918_zpsb4af9e02.jpg  photo IMG_2922_zps262a652f.jpg

Will insisted he wear this helmet.
 photo IMG_2925_zpsb34eb3b0.jpg  photo IMG_2932_zpsf31c586c.jpg

Splash park time...
 photo IMG_2939_zps1ccbbe68.jpg  photo IMG_2948_zpsb6945bb3.jpg

The bubble bath - Coolest. Thing. Ever.
 photo IMG_2963_zps45e1311c.jpg  photo IMG_2968_zps9eb02adc.jpg  photo IMG_2971_zps2e421ea0.jpg

Will can't wait to go back.
 photo IMG_2981_zps9594662c.jpg  photo IMG_2989_zps03d0eccf.jpg

Such a great weekend of fun and family.
 photo IMG_2859_zpsb4d1f232.jpg  photo IMG_2882_zps71dcb54a.jpg  photo IMG_2862-2_zpse711ae37.jpg

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Rebecca said...

Those three munchkins are so gosh darn cute and so much fun together. And a 4th soon to come. Can't believe it has already been a week since you were here! Can't wait to see you guys again!