Monday, August 19, 2013

Tadpoles and work adventures.

A few days ago, a neighbor asked us if we wanted some tadpoles. Apparently a frog (we have many around here) laid eggs in her son's water table. We helped ourselves to a couple scoops of the little creatures and put them in our own water table to explore.  photo IMG_3379_zps5f3809d0.jpg

I had no long term plans, but I figured it would be fun to check them out.
 photo IMG_3380_zps678f073c.jpg  photo IMG_3382_zpsf04f92ae.jpg

And it was fun.  Until Will tipped the table over before I could stop him because "catching tadpoles is boring and I'm a big boy."
 photo IMG_3383_zpsc1908e25.jpg

Our neighborhood hosts a weekly mom and tot group and last week's event was an ice cream social.  Yum.
 photo IMG_3395_zps520b2197.jpg

Bailey and Amelia continue to love each other.
 photo IMG_3406-2_zpsf22a7362.jpg

Will picking his nose.  Amelia screaming.  Yup.  That pretty much sums up our visit to Daddy's work.
 photo IMG_3412_zps7616b234.jpg

OK, we did some other stuff, too.  Stuff like...

Running through the fire truck mist.
 photo IMG_3417_zps252c45ae.jpg  photo IMG_3421_zps0a5c2f7b.jpg

Visiting a helicopter...
 photo IMG_3424_zpsc296a20a.jpg

Sitting in a firetruck (and refusing to get down)...
 photo IMG_3429_zpsf44e0c45.jpg

And going for a ride.
 photo IMG_3432_zps62f03b2a.jpg

We knew it was time to leave when Amelia became very grumpy. But because we left so abruptly, Will also became very grumpy. We walked to the car through the crowds of Mike's co-workers with two screaming kids. Ah, memories.

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