Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Three year olds are tough.

Do not let this sweet picture fool you...
   photo IMG_3123_zpsca61426b.jpg

 This boy is nothing but attitude lately.  Raising a three (almost 4) year-old isn't for sissies. photo IMG_3137_zpsb8faab77.jpg

And this girl...
 photo IMG_3170_zpsb6de2ffd.jpg
That's the smile she gives us as she's dropping all her food on the floor.  Total sweetness.  Except for when she's smacking me in the face because, oh yes, she's hits now, too.

 photo IMG_3130_zps7a35536f.jpg

Summer in Virginia this year has been bizarre, yet wonderful.  Our normally brutal, scorching weather is now pleasant and dream-like.  We're outside almost all the time.
 photo IMG_3185_zpsf456af98.jpg

These three drive me insane most of the day, but we still manage to have a lot of fun.
 photo IMG_3187_zpsaa55a011.jpg

A few days ago we went to see Disney Junior Live. photo IMG_3206_zpsddf71dd7.jpg

The show featured Jake and Sofia. The kids were captivated.  photo IMG_3200_zpsc3d58c0b.jpg  photo IMG_3202_zps7f322527.jpg

$24 spent on treats, yet Will was devastated that I wouldn't buy him the $25 light spinner.  It was pretty much all he talked about after the show.

For example:
Me: Wasn't it so cool seeing Jake??!?  What was your favorite part?
Will:  *sad, pathetic voice* I really wanted a Mickey Mouse spinner.
Me: I know, buddy.  I'm sorry we couldn't get one.
Will *angry voice* Go back there and get one RIGHT NOW!
Me: *Big, loud, heavy sigh*
 photo IMG_3209_zps6aeefa1d.jpg

Well, Mickey Mouse spinner aside, seeing Jake was so cool.  At one point, Peter Pan came flying across the stage.  "Look, Will, he's flying!" I exclaimed.  "That's why he has a rope attached to him," Will explained.  Oh.  OK then.
 photo IMG_3212_zpsbd67d4ef.jpg

Other activities that filled our week included....

Helping Dad mow.
 photo IMG_3221_zps1210945a.jpg

A Mommy-Daddy-Will date to see Planes.
 photo IMG_3364_zps3c6501dd.jpg

No dogs or baby sisters allowed in the play room.
 photo IMG_3369_zps637c0ec0.jpg

And, last but not least, Will can "roller blade" all by himself.  Well, he mostly just walks, but nonetheless, he's extremely proud of himself.
 photo IMG_3375_zpse34a9776.jpg

More fun to come soon!

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