Wednesday, August 28, 2013

When Daddy's away...

Mike went to California for business and was gone for a whole week.  It was tough at times, but we managed.

We enjoyed...

Popsicles in the new playhouse.
 photo IMG_3533_zps028edffb.jpg

Dot-paint projects and ice cream breaks.
 photo IMG_3535_zps689d441d.jpg

Doggy cuddles.
 photo IMG_3522_zpsbefc33cc.jpg

Fun with friends.
 photo IMG_3538_zps93006007.jpg

Snuggles with Chewie.
 photo IMG_3554_zpsf8ddd1bd.jpg

And catching the three kids in moments like this --
 photo IMG_3564_zps15600289.jpg
Though, I'm not enjoying the fact that Bailey has realized the couch is more comfy than the floor.

Upon Daddy's return, we reunited at Grandma's where Amelia was dropped off so we could enjoy a football game.  Tickets to the Redskins-Bills preseason match-up were a birthday gift for Mike and Will couldn't have been more excited to attend.
 photo IMG_3571_zpsb4e8d7ee.jpg  photo IMG_3572_zps64b1dbbc.jpg

Last, but not least, this is what chocolate pudding for dessert looks like -
 photo IMG_3581_zps33f463b4.jpg  photo IMG_3586-2_zps3b5184ba.jpg

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bruski said...

Love the picture of the 'gang' on the couch! Especially the look on the the one and only little girl's face :-) It says it all!