Monday, September 30, 2013

Turning Four

Will's birthday celebration began last week with a little party at school.  photo IMG_4308_zpsbbde8c95.jpg
Amelia and I brought in a little treat to share at snack time.  She felt like such a big girl joining in the fun.
 photo IMG_4309_zps72fb955d.jpg

On Thursday morning, Will came downstairs to balloons, decorations, presents and birthday muffins.  He even joined in on the birthday song.
 photo IMG_4321_zps3b0deae8.jpg

Will said the LeapPad2 we got him was "the best gift ever."
 photo IMG_4317_zps4d063131.jpg

He has quickly learned how to navigate it and loves to play games and watch shows.
 photo IMG_4407_zps1635c468.jpg

When Amelia woke up from her nap, we went to Funland.  It pretty much has everything a kid could want.  Including the tea cups 'spinny ride.'
 photo IMG_4326_zpsae0813e4.jpg

Outside we got to play some putt putt.
 photo IMG_4341_zpse96c5855.jpg  photo IMG_4349_zps97eb0147.jpg

But I'm pretty sure their favorite part of putt putt was this water hazard.
 photo IMG_4353_zps958beafb.jpg

My big four year old on hole number 4.
 photo IMG_4360_zps66c9de1d.jpg

A ride around on the go carts ended our afternoon at Funland.
 photo IMG_4363_zps46411783.jpg  photo IMG_4374_zps010625e1.jpg  photo IMG_4379_zps822bb88c.jpg  photo IMG_4384_zps5c1e868e.jpg

Back at home it was time for birthday cake.
 photo IMG_4391_zpsb7ddbdb7.jpg
Spoiler alert: Will is going to be Spiderman for Halloween.

 photo IMG_4396_zps90271769.jpg

On Saturday Will had his third (and final) celebration.  We hosted a Disney Planes-themed party at our house.
 photo IMG_4434_zps20892184.jpg

We had a great time celebrating our boy with friends and family.
 photo IMG_4409_zps4ef19902.jpg  photo IMG_4411_zpsdbda182d.jpg

Amelia was a huge fan of Alyse's.  Huge.
 photo IMG_4413_zpsf7d85da9.jpg  photo IMG_4414_zpsc02ca996.jpg  photo IMG_4421_zps7eaaa3ef.jpg  photo IMG_4425_zpse96dd91b.jpg

When I was trying to get a picture of Will and Claire's 'we're going to prom or something like that' pose, Amelia decided to jump in with a "Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!"
 photo IMG_4428_zpsd0cfeb9c.jpg

Our first birthday pinata!
 photo IMG_4438_zpsfa163510.jpg

Amelia's little boyfriend...
 photo IMG_4462_zps6013c0c2.jpg

...and the baby girl that she just loves to pieces.  Seriously, Amelia was holding her one time and when I took her back, Amelia screamed her head off.
 photo IMG_4467_zpse562bf9f.jpg

Cupcake time!!
 photo IMG_4436_zps3a068374.jpg  photo IMG_4468_zpse4fe9722.jpg

Will told us, "Now you need to sing to me."
 photo IMG_4473_zps5479ad6b.jpg

The evening ended with a fire and smores.
 photo IMG_4482_zps20243328.jpg  photo IMG_4481_zps38cf176e.jpg

Happy 4th birthday, my little monkey. Can't wait to see what the next year has in store.

Thursday, September 26, 2013


Four years ago today I awoke in the hospital experiencing the worst possible pain, heard the words "We need to deliver today," and had a teeny 4 pounder eight weeks early.  Four years.

 photo IMG_3736_zpsd3eb9163.jpg

To see him, to listen to him, to truly experience him, you'd never know the fear and sadness we faced those first few weeks.  The roller coaster of the NICU, which we rode for two weeks, and the nervousness we experienced even after bringing him home because the fear of having to send him back was palpable.
 photo IMG_3741-4_zps4fbcafb3.jpg

So here we are four years later.  With a boy who has a flair for the dramatic, which presents itself both at times when he is happy ("You're the best Mommy ever!") and angry ("I don't like the way you're talking to me!").  A boy who so loves people that he will start up a conversation with just about anyone ("Hello *random person*, can I see your dog's penis?").  A boy who loves company so, that he just can't bear to play alone.  He is my little shadow.  My velcro kid.

How incredibly lucky I am.
 photo IMG_3743_zps64d8d8f4.jpg

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

OBX 2013

A week and a half ago, we packed up the car with two kids, one dog, and way too much stuff and went on our beach vacation.  photo IMG_3770_zpsf5747307.jpg

Because we have a 4 wheel drive, we were able to drive on the beach in Corolla, park steps away from the ocean, and set up shop.  It was perfect.  We loved it.
 photo IMG_3783_zpsa63453eb.jpg  photo IMG_3787_zps4c337aa3.jpg

Well, most of us loved it.  Amelia on the other hand...
 photo IMG_3779_zps33c35894.jpg

While she seemed to like the sand and water, she was pretty grumpy due to a new tooth.
 photo IMG_3799_zpse89fd247.jpg

After a couple days, she started to come around.
 photo IMG_3792_zpsd8928da7.jpg

Bailey, on the other hand, he thought the beach was the BEST thing ever.
 photo IMG_3808-3_zps5de90dd9.jpg  photo IMG_3819_zps1be98a08.jpg

Wild horse spotting.
 photo IMG_3831_zps903e7743.jpg  photo IMG_3832_zpseccb8182.jpg

Naps on the beach.  Amelia took hers in the car seat, which was majorly convenient.
 photo IMG_3839_zpsb5e3c38f.jpg

A stop at one of the most amazing places on Earth: Duck Donuts.
 photo IMG_3843_zps0459d484.jpg

Beach, beach, and more beach.
 photo IMG_3854_zpscfef4d36.jpg  photo IMG_3860_zpsf858797f.jpg  photo IMG_3864_zps97f3112d.jpg  photo IMG_3867_zps7ba5a963.jpg  photo IMG_3894_zpsb0f478d0.jpg

We braved a few dinners out.
 photo IMG_3898_zps44daa9fa.jpg

A Daddy-Mommy-Will putt putt date with our oldest little one.
 photo IMG_3956_zps54c1e291.jpg

Lots of fun and plenty of memories made.
 photo IMG_3990_zps2b9a605d.jpg  photo IMG_3996-2_zps83d0b332.jpg  photo IMG_4000_zps3700f461.jpg  photo IMG_4004_zps436b265f.jpg  photo IMG_4015_zpsbfcd0740.jpg  photo IMG_4017_zps3922a10e.jpg  photo IMG_4021_zps925a3931.jpg  photo IMG_4036_zpsa196a37d.jpg  photo IMG_4041_zpsfbc237c0.jpg  photo IMG_4057_zps543fb9cf.jpg  photo IMG_4060_zps549236f7.jpg  photo IMG_4161_zpscf86a7b3.jpg
 photo IMG_4163_zpsb796b9db.jpg  photo IMG_4176_zps0b8bdc6b.jpg  photo IMG_4180_zps53645855.jpg  photo IMG_4185_zpsada2a48c.jpg

We had such a great trip with our little beach bums.
 photo IMG_3875_zps58e14a20.jpg  photo IMG_3976_zps19591fa8.jpg  photo IMG_3910_zps72314696.jpg
 photo IMG_4187_zpsb344396a.jpg

Until next year, OBX.
 photo IMG_4194_zps9fdfba0d.jpg  photo IMG_4196_zpseefaa6ba.jpg  photo IMG_4202_zpsfbefe148.jpg  photo IMG_4216_zpse11c1dc6.jpg