Friday, September 6, 2013

Ending summer

Life, lately, looks like this.
 photo IMG_3630_zps1abd8a6b.jpg
Mike took that.  You know I would never use the flash.

It also looks like this --

See ya, CRV.
 photo IMG_3634_zps2a0cb2fc.jpg
Last week we said goodbye to the car that brought home our two babies and we purchased a Honda Pilot.  We're not mini-van people, but I'm thrilled (!) to have a bigger car.  Will thinks it's fun to sit in the way back with Bailey.

It's sort of pathetic that my me-time (whenever I'm able to get it) has turned into trips to the dog park with Bailey.  What's even more pathetic is how much I enjoy it.  I love watching Bailey run around having a ball, while I get to make small talk with the other owners.

Last weekend, Will wanted to come along so I allowed it.  However, he complained the whole time and said it was boring.

Since Will had no respect for 'dog park time,' it will be a long time before he's invited back.  Though, truthfully, I don't think he wants to go back.
 photo IMG_3636_zps43b2b9c2.jpg

But Bailey and I continue to go when we can on the evenings and weekends.  The other day it was just us while we waited for other doggy friends to arrive.  Even with the run of the park, Bailey preferred to lounge in this mud puddle.  And then ride home in our brand new car.
 photo IMG_3641_zpsd15fdf9c.jpg

Amelia loves Dada.  That's all.
 photo IMG_3646-2_zps74a78d33.jpg

Labor Day weekend wouldn't be complete without some BBQing in the backyard.
 photo IMG_3649_zps11efdf5c.jpg

Once when we were having strawberry shortcake, I put a splat of whipped cream on Will's nose.  It's a tradition he now insists we continue every time we eat it.
 photo IMG_3651_zps13260a6e.jpg  photo IMG_3660_zpsab55131c.jpg

We ended the weekend with a bang.  Literally.
 photo IMG_3677_zps44fd891c.jpg

On Tuesday, we brought Big Bro to his new school for orientation.  He's going three days a week now.  Crazy.
 photo IMG_3681_zpsf7aa94a0.jpg  photo IMG_3688_zps94eace03.jpg

He decorated his take home folder and brought home his first homework assignment.
 photo IMG_3693_zpsc795c3fe.jpg

I think Amelia's ready for school too.
 photo IMG_3695_zpsdf862fe1.jpg

After preschool orientation, we went to our city's picnic in the park.
 photo IMG_3701_zps4137c65b.jpg  photo IMG_3708_zpsef09de1f.jpg

Will spent a good 20 minutes coloring this mask with a red sharpie at one of the arts and crafts tables.  His focus and attention to detail is suddenly very impressive.  He's totally ready for preschool.
 photo IMG_3713_zpsaf2406d7.jpg

While summer is over for most families, we get to stretch ours out for one week more. Tomorrow we're off to the beach! Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!


Rebecca said...

Have fun on vacation! But could you tell Amelia to stop growing up? That dress was practically to her ankles back in May and she looks like she is losing all the baby chub in her legs! No more growing.

Also - how much does Bailey (in the puddle pic) look like he is saying "Yeah, I'm sittin in a puddle. What are ya gonna do about it?" Such sass from your youngest. Congrats on winning the new car debate as well :) It is only fair after the smart phone debate loss.

Amy said...

holy, grown up kids. WIll looks like 10. Seriously. Brady's going 3x's a week too and while he was so ready I wasn't ha ha!