Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Little Swimmers

Guess who knows how to swim?


 Will has a pretty awesome doggy paddle, but doesn't have a ton of confidence just yet. In order to get him to swim, we stand really close and tell him to come to us; meanwhile we just continue to back up. Yes, this pisses him off, but it's the price we must pay in order to show him that he really does know how to swim.

If you took the time to watch that video, you probably noticed Amelia making a cameo appearance. Like a little fish, she loves to swim.
   photo IMG_3624_zps64da357f.jpg

No helping hands necessary. She swims alone.  photo IMG_3627_zps4b16340b.jpg


Alexandra Stafford said...

oh my gosh, amazing! Both of them. Miss their faces and yours :) xoxo!

Amy said...

Note to self: get my kids in swimming lessons! That's awesome, Will (and A too!)