Wednesday, September 18, 2013

OBX 2013

A week and a half ago, we packed up the car with two kids, one dog, and way too much stuff and went on our beach vacation.  photo IMG_3770_zpsf5747307.jpg

Because we have a 4 wheel drive, we were able to drive on the beach in Corolla, park steps away from the ocean, and set up shop.  It was perfect.  We loved it.
 photo IMG_3783_zpsa63453eb.jpg  photo IMG_3787_zps4c337aa3.jpg

Well, most of us loved it.  Amelia on the other hand...
 photo IMG_3779_zps33c35894.jpg

While she seemed to like the sand and water, she was pretty grumpy due to a new tooth.
 photo IMG_3799_zpse89fd247.jpg

After a couple days, she started to come around.
 photo IMG_3792_zpsd8928da7.jpg

Bailey, on the other hand, he thought the beach was the BEST thing ever.
 photo IMG_3808-3_zps5de90dd9.jpg  photo IMG_3819_zps1be98a08.jpg

Wild horse spotting.
 photo IMG_3831_zps903e7743.jpg  photo IMG_3832_zpseccb8182.jpg

Naps on the beach.  Amelia took hers in the car seat, which was majorly convenient.
 photo IMG_3839_zpsb5e3c38f.jpg

A stop at one of the most amazing places on Earth: Duck Donuts.
 photo IMG_3843_zps0459d484.jpg

Beach, beach, and more beach.
 photo IMG_3854_zpscfef4d36.jpg  photo IMG_3860_zpsf858797f.jpg  photo IMG_3864_zps97f3112d.jpg  photo IMG_3867_zps7ba5a963.jpg  photo IMG_3894_zpsb0f478d0.jpg

We braved a few dinners out.
 photo IMG_3898_zps44daa9fa.jpg

A Daddy-Mommy-Will putt putt date with our oldest little one.
 photo IMG_3956_zps54c1e291.jpg

Lots of fun and plenty of memories made.
 photo IMG_3990_zps2b9a605d.jpg  photo IMG_3996-2_zps83d0b332.jpg  photo IMG_4000_zps3700f461.jpg  photo IMG_4004_zps436b265f.jpg  photo IMG_4015_zpsbfcd0740.jpg  photo IMG_4017_zps3922a10e.jpg  photo IMG_4021_zps925a3931.jpg  photo IMG_4036_zpsa196a37d.jpg  photo IMG_4041_zpsfbc237c0.jpg  photo IMG_4057_zps543fb9cf.jpg  photo IMG_4060_zps549236f7.jpg  photo IMG_4161_zpscf86a7b3.jpg
 photo IMG_4163_zpsb796b9db.jpg  photo IMG_4176_zps0b8bdc6b.jpg  photo IMG_4180_zps53645855.jpg  photo IMG_4185_zpsada2a48c.jpg

We had such a great trip with our little beach bums.
 photo IMG_3875_zps58e14a20.jpg  photo IMG_3976_zps19591fa8.jpg  photo IMG_3910_zps72314696.jpg
 photo IMG_4187_zpsb344396a.jpg

Until next year, OBX.
 photo IMG_4194_zps9fdfba0d.jpg  photo IMG_4196_zpseefaa6ba.jpg  photo IMG_4202_zpsfbefe148.jpg  photo IMG_4216_zpse11c1dc6.jpg


ali said...

Too many cute faces here! All of you. Looked like a ball! xoxo

Stephanie said...

Hi, I am a random follower of your blog because I'm into photography and I think you're pictures look great. I know you use manual mode and such, and so do I. Your pictures are like the ones I take - the lifestyle type photography of your day to day life with your cute kids. I just have a question - How do you get your pictures to not be so blown out when your kids are in direct sunlight? Do you do something when you edit them? Whenever my boy is in sunlight, there are always parts that are blown out, but yours always look so good. Just wondering, thanks!

Carrie said...

Stephanie, hi! Thanks for your comment and the photo love! Ummmm.... let's see. When I shoot in direct sunlight my settings are usually - ISO: 100, F/4.0, SS: 1/2000 (give or take a couple clicks in either direction). I'm still largely clueless when it comes to editing, so I'm lucky that most of my pictures turn out pretty well on those settings (though I'm still famous for overexposing). I do some slight tweaking in Lightroom and that's about it. Hope that helps! :)

bruski said...

Just love the dog in the beach pictures.. he looks like a very happy bambino!

Christen Sanderson said...

Love all your pics, Carrie! Looks like you guys had a blast! It looks just like the area we went to. And Duck's Donuts...oh yes. AMAZING!