Monday, September 30, 2013

Turning Four

Will's birthday celebration began last week with a little party at school.  photo IMG_4308_zpsbbde8c95.jpg
Amelia and I brought in a little treat to share at snack time.  She felt like such a big girl joining in the fun.
 photo IMG_4309_zps72fb955d.jpg

On Thursday morning, Will came downstairs to balloons, decorations, presents and birthday muffins.  He even joined in on the birthday song.
 photo IMG_4321_zps3b0deae8.jpg

Will said the LeapPad2 we got him was "the best gift ever."
 photo IMG_4317_zps4d063131.jpg

He has quickly learned how to navigate it and loves to play games and watch shows.
 photo IMG_4407_zps1635c468.jpg

When Amelia woke up from her nap, we went to Funland.  It pretty much has everything a kid could want.  Including the tea cups 'spinny ride.'
 photo IMG_4326_zpsae0813e4.jpg

Outside we got to play some putt putt.
 photo IMG_4341_zpse96c5855.jpg  photo IMG_4349_zps97eb0147.jpg

But I'm pretty sure their favorite part of putt putt was this water hazard.
 photo IMG_4353_zps958beafb.jpg

My big four year old on hole number 4.
 photo IMG_4360_zps66c9de1d.jpg

A ride around on the go carts ended our afternoon at Funland.
 photo IMG_4363_zps46411783.jpg  photo IMG_4374_zps010625e1.jpg  photo IMG_4379_zps822bb88c.jpg  photo IMG_4384_zps5c1e868e.jpg

Back at home it was time for birthday cake.
 photo IMG_4391_zpsb7ddbdb7.jpg
Spoiler alert: Will is going to be Spiderman for Halloween.

 photo IMG_4396_zps90271769.jpg

On Saturday Will had his third (and final) celebration.  We hosted a Disney Planes-themed party at our house.
 photo IMG_4434_zps20892184.jpg

We had a great time celebrating our boy with friends and family.
 photo IMG_4409_zps4ef19902.jpg  photo IMG_4411_zpsdbda182d.jpg

Amelia was a huge fan of Alyse's.  Huge.
 photo IMG_4413_zpsf7d85da9.jpg  photo IMG_4414_zpsc02ca996.jpg  photo IMG_4421_zps7eaaa3ef.jpg  photo IMG_4425_zpse96dd91b.jpg

When I was trying to get a picture of Will and Claire's 'we're going to prom or something like that' pose, Amelia decided to jump in with a "Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!"
 photo IMG_4428_zpsd0cfeb9c.jpg

Our first birthday pinata!
 photo IMG_4438_zpsfa163510.jpg

Amelia's little boyfriend...
 photo IMG_4462_zps6013c0c2.jpg

...and the baby girl that she just loves to pieces.  Seriously, Amelia was holding her one time and when I took her back, Amelia screamed her head off.
 photo IMG_4467_zpse562bf9f.jpg

Cupcake time!!
 photo IMG_4436_zps3a068374.jpg  photo IMG_4468_zpse4fe9722.jpg

Will told us, "Now you need to sing to me."
 photo IMG_4473_zps5479ad6b.jpg

The evening ended with a fire and smores.
 photo IMG_4482_zps20243328.jpg  photo IMG_4481_zps38cf176e.jpg

Happy 4th birthday, my little monkey. Can't wait to see what the next year has in store.


Alexandra Stafford said...

Such a big boy! LOVED seeing all of these photos. Such happy faces. xoxo

Rebecca said...

Looks like he had such a great time! Now I regret not choosing that "funspot" for my birthday location. Hopefully there won't be any weddings next September and I can celebrate with him again.