Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Prep

We've been getting ready for Halloween all month, with costume selections, gourds thoughtfully placed throughout the house, pumpkin lights twinkling in our kitchen, and a huge spider illuminating on the front porch.

For a four year old with no concept of time (ie. everything happened 'yesterday'), this has been a rather frustrating learning experience. I'm pretty sure if I hear the question, "Is it Halloween?" one more time... 

Luckily for Will, and for me, we got a tiny taste of trick or treating (and candy!), last weekend when the stores of our historic downtown passed out treats. Will was extremely excited. Amelia, on the other hand, threw the biggest fit when we tried on costumes - first the pumpkin, then the monkey. She wasn't having either. It was a pathetic display of rolling on the floor kicking and screaming with big tears rolling down her cheeks. So, I stuck her in a tutu and called it a day.  photo IMG_4768_zpsd03a24c3.jpg  photo IMG_4779_zpsec9e1749.jpg

After trick or treating, we walked down to our cul de sac and met the neighbors for a Halloween party.  We celebrated pot luck style with everyone bringing something to share.
 photo IMG_4786_zps79eae016.jpg  photo IMG_4798_zps3e3aa1fe.jpg
 photo IMG_4809_zpscfed3bb8.jpg  photo IMG_4818_zpsaf175681.jpg

We ate, the kids ran around, the adults chatted.  Fun times.
 photo IMG_4838_zpsf96d3433.jpg

Have I mentioned that I love living here?
 photo IMG_4839-2_zpsad9a8cb2.jpg

Yesterday I took the kids to a pumpkin patch that was new to us.  We packed a picnic.  We even packed Bailey and brought him along!
 photo IMG_4940_zps353f58ce.jpg  photo IMG_4943_zpsb0636ed4.jpg  photo IMG_4947_zpsba6c9a93.jpg

It was one of those things where I debated all morning, 'Should I bring him?  Should I not?'  Ultimately I decided to risk it and I'm so glad I did.  Bailey had a ball playing with one of the farm dogs.  He followed us all over the patch and they played for two hours straight.
 photo IMG_4951_zps9f0df4f1.jpg

We only covered half of the farm since Amelia needed to get home for nap time.  But we will definitely put it on the list again next year.
 photo IMG_4953_zpsb40eac9a.jpg  photo IMG_4956_zps5c3d9355.jpg  photo IMG_4960_zpse7895b08.jpg  photo IMG_4962_zps650d16f1.jpg  photo IMG_4968_zps7563e9ba.jpg

Tomorrow is the big day and I think we're ready!  I'm not sure if I'll get Amelia in a costume, but I know she'll be cute enough to score us some good candy.  And even though Will told me the other day he'd rather be Doc McStuffins, I'm quite sure he'll forget all about that come tomorrow.

Pumpkins are carved, candy is purchased, dinner and trick or treat plans are made with the neighbors.  We shall see what the day has in store.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pumpkin patch 2013

Last weekend we made our annual trip to the pumpkin patch. A little bit later this year on account of so much rain.  photo IMG_4681_zps5680dbf0.jpg

I love these trips to the pumpkin patch and all the memories that are made there. However, having two little monkeys running around instead of just one, is rather difficult. It was sort of like being pulled in two different directions.  photo IMG_4686_zps7122534d.jpg  photo IMG_4688_zps7a8fe97f.jpg

Whenever Amelia sees something that excites her she yells, "Wow!" or "Whoa!"  So animated, so funny.  Also, she's pretty much obsessed with having her face painted.
 photo IMG_4695_zpscf022c44.jpg

Pony rides!  Which, for the record, I still don't feel good about.  Poor horses.
 photo IMG_4701_zps0827a56b.jpg  photo IMG_4711_zps9b2bdf59.jpg

Will and sweet Tessa enjoying the pig races.  One of these days, Will is going to get picked to be the special helper.  I can just feel it.
 photo IMG_4721_zpsde4a4298.jpg

"Whoa!"  Baby ziplines are so fun that Amelia is going to scream her head off when it's time to get off and give someone else a turn.
 photo IMG_4726_zpseb50880b.jpg

So, I know I say it every year, but this pumpkin patch is awesome.  Tunnel slides, sand pit, bouncy horses, corn maze, animals...  There's so much to do and we do it all.  But that whole having two kids at the pumpkin patch thing makes it difficult to take pictures of all the fun.

However, the grand finale is the hay ride out to the patch and I made sure to capture it as best I could.
 photo IMG_4732_zps994ec9cf.jpg

"What about this pumpkin, Daddy?"

Mike learned his lesson after once choosing a 35 pounder and then paying by the pound for it.  He steered Will towards the smallest pumpkins of the patch.
 photo IMG_4739_zpsf6e1eedd.jpg  photo IMG_4744-2_zps451bdd2d.jpg

Still too big, Will.  We ended up going with a little green one that Will would later decide to paint black.
 photo IMG_4748_zpsb3484255.jpg

And so concludes another successful outing to the pumpkin patch.  Until next year, Belvedere.
 photo IMG_4752-2_zps7c70d9c3.jpg

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Oh, 'Melia

Amelia, our sweet little love, is creeping up on 18 months.  photo IMG_4510_zps242fdfdc.jpg

We just adore her.   She loves to give kisses to every person and pet in our house, and will even kiss the animals in her story books.  Speaking of books, she LOVES to read.  Her favorite book is Wheels on the Bus ("Beep") and she will follow us around until we stop and read it.  In fact, I recently had to replace it after one of our furry family members decided to eat it. photo IMG_4513_zps0fb5a2b6.jpg

Amelia is a very busy girl. She uses the bar stools to climb up on our kitchen island All. The. Time. She also likes to climb on the kitchen table. She mastered walking downstairs like a big girl 3 months ago and now we only use baby gates for a certain puppy who lives with us.

Amelia is a great helper and loves to clean up toys.  She enjoys doing most anything with her dad and gets a ride on the back of his bike just about anytime she asks for it.  Wrapped around her finger, he is.
 photo IMG_4520_zps2f5e4799.jpg

She also loves to pretend to talk on the phone, walks all over the house pushing her dolls in the stroller, brings Bailey his toys, and does a very good job of keeping herself busy.  photo IMG_4522_zpsbb09278f.jpg

I love to hear her talk with her cute little voice.  Things she says: Mama!! (always screams it), Dada, baba (her bottle, which she still loves), Doggy (her beloved stuffed animal), kitty, Bailey, baby, buh-bye, I don't know (which is the most adorable thing ever), cheese (her favorite food, or what she says when I take her picture), cracker, eat, drink, up, Hi!, hello, Will, beep, bike, shoe, thank you, please, eye (and she loves to poke you in the eye when she says it).

She talks A LOT.
 photo IMG_4525_zpsbc44a857.jpg
Bailey took her rake!!

She raises hell in stores, refusing to sit in shopping carts, and is generally a nightmare to take on errands.  She will also attempt to dart into the street at every opportunity.

Like I said, she's very busy.
 photo IMG_4586_zpsa407a476.jpg

I still get tons of compliments on her cuteness. She is such a little doll and we love her to pieces.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Little Pats fans

It's football season, which means every Sunday we get decked out in our Patriots' finest.  photo IMG_4498_zps6066902b.jpg

Last week I entered the kiddos in a Patriots photo contest and the top three vote-getters earn free pizza and FREE PATS TICKETS!!!  Voting ends on the 22nd and we are currently in 3rd place.  Woooohoooooo!  I know I have a few random readers out there, so if you happen to be a Facebooker, care to help me out?  Because, you see, I'm not above begging when it involves a child-free afternoon.  All you have to do is click here and hit 'like'.  Feel free to send me a friend request as well.  You know, just if you want to.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fireman Will

Last weekend, when it was about 100 degrees outside, our local fire department had an open house.  photo IMG_4531_zps74beb4ad.jpg

Fireman Will was very excited to attend.  Excited, and definitely a little hot in his get-up. photo IMG_4529_zps316f9e35.jpg

There were lots of fun little activities for the kiddos and a great time was had by all.
 photo IMG_4532_zps1f5ec075.jpg  photo IMG_4542_zps0f7260fc.jpg  photo IMG_4546_zps8dd55cbf.jpg

This fireman had to yank Will around a few times to keep him on course.
 photo IMG_4551_zpse7f5a9d8.jpg  photo IMG_4555_zps1a318d0f.jpg  photo IMG_4557_zps4b10f279.jpg

Hard to tell from this picture, but he knows how to write a 'W' and not much else.
 photo IMG_4561_zps53be9bc2.jpg

Baby Sister got a balloon, so it was pretty much the best day ever.
 photo IMG_4560_zpsc23c6c0e.jpg  photo IMG_4569_zps0d1a65f9.jpg

We decided to get some ice cream after.  All was good until we heard the news of the Patriots' loss.  Boo.

The kids' reactions--
 photo IMG_4577_zps71c1bb38.jpg  photo IMG_4579_zps82eabc39.jpg