Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Prep

We've been getting ready for Halloween all month, with costume selections, gourds thoughtfully placed throughout the house, pumpkin lights twinkling in our kitchen, and a huge spider illuminating on the front porch.

For a four year old with no concept of time (ie. everything happened 'yesterday'), this has been a rather frustrating learning experience. I'm pretty sure if I hear the question, "Is it Halloween?" one more time... 

Luckily for Will, and for me, we got a tiny taste of trick or treating (and candy!), last weekend when the stores of our historic downtown passed out treats. Will was extremely excited. Amelia, on the other hand, threw the biggest fit when we tried on costumes - first the pumpkin, then the monkey. She wasn't having either. It was a pathetic display of rolling on the floor kicking and screaming with big tears rolling down her cheeks. So, I stuck her in a tutu and called it a day.  photo IMG_4768_zpsd03a24c3.jpg  photo IMG_4779_zpsec9e1749.jpg

After trick or treating, we walked down to our cul de sac and met the neighbors for a Halloween party.  We celebrated pot luck style with everyone bringing something to share.
 photo IMG_4786_zps79eae016.jpg  photo IMG_4798_zps3e3aa1fe.jpg
 photo IMG_4809_zpscfed3bb8.jpg  photo IMG_4818_zpsaf175681.jpg

We ate, the kids ran around, the adults chatted.  Fun times.
 photo IMG_4838_zpsf96d3433.jpg

Have I mentioned that I love living here?
 photo IMG_4839-2_zpsad9a8cb2.jpg

Yesterday I took the kids to a pumpkin patch that was new to us.  We packed a picnic.  We even packed Bailey and brought him along!
 photo IMG_4940_zps353f58ce.jpg  photo IMG_4943_zpsb0636ed4.jpg  photo IMG_4947_zpsba6c9a93.jpg

It was one of those things where I debated all morning, 'Should I bring him?  Should I not?'  Ultimately I decided to risk it and I'm so glad I did.  Bailey had a ball playing with one of the farm dogs.  He followed us all over the patch and they played for two hours straight.
 photo IMG_4951_zps9f0df4f1.jpg

We only covered half of the farm since Amelia needed to get home for nap time.  But we will definitely put it on the list again next year.
 photo IMG_4953_zpsb40eac9a.jpg  photo IMG_4956_zps5c3d9355.jpg  photo IMG_4960_zpse7895b08.jpg  photo IMG_4962_zps650d16f1.jpg  photo IMG_4968_zps7563e9ba.jpg

Tomorrow is the big day and I think we're ready!  I'm not sure if I'll get Amelia in a costume, but I know she'll be cute enough to score us some good candy.  And even though Will told me the other day he'd rather be Doc McStuffins, I'm quite sure he'll forget all about that come tomorrow.

Pumpkins are carved, candy is purchased, dinner and trick or treat plans are made with the neighbors.  We shall see what the day has in store.

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Rebecca said...

The neighborhood party looks awesome! How did Bailey handle the farm animals?