Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pumpkin patch 2013

Last weekend we made our annual trip to the pumpkin patch. A little bit later this year on account of so much rain.  photo IMG_4681_zps5680dbf0.jpg

I love these trips to the pumpkin patch and all the memories that are made there. However, having two little monkeys running around instead of just one, is rather difficult. It was sort of like being pulled in two different directions.  photo IMG_4686_zps7122534d.jpg  photo IMG_4688_zps7a8fe97f.jpg

Whenever Amelia sees something that excites her she yells, "Wow!" or "Whoa!"  So animated, so funny.  Also, she's pretty much obsessed with having her face painted.
 photo IMG_4695_zpscf022c44.jpg

Pony rides!  Which, for the record, I still don't feel good about.  Poor horses.
 photo IMG_4701_zps0827a56b.jpg  photo IMG_4711_zps9b2bdf59.jpg

Will and sweet Tessa enjoying the pig races.  One of these days, Will is going to get picked to be the special helper.  I can just feel it.
 photo IMG_4721_zpsde4a4298.jpg

"Whoa!"  Baby ziplines are so fun that Amelia is going to scream her head off when it's time to get off and give someone else a turn.
 photo IMG_4726_zpseb50880b.jpg

So, I know I say it every year, but this pumpkin patch is awesome.  Tunnel slides, sand pit, bouncy horses, corn maze, animals...  There's so much to do and we do it all.  But that whole having two kids at the pumpkin patch thing makes it difficult to take pictures of all the fun.

However, the grand finale is the hay ride out to the patch and I made sure to capture it as best I could.
 photo IMG_4732_zps994ec9cf.jpg

"What about this pumpkin, Daddy?"

Mike learned his lesson after once choosing a 35 pounder and then paying by the pound for it.  He steered Will towards the smallest pumpkins of the patch.
 photo IMG_4739_zpsf6e1eedd.jpg  photo IMG_4744-2_zps451bdd2d.jpg

Still too big, Will.  We ended up going with a little green one that Will would later decide to paint black.
 photo IMG_4748_zpsb3484255.jpg

And so concludes another successful outing to the pumpkin patch.  Until next year, Belvedere.
 photo IMG_4752-2_zps7c70d9c3.jpg

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