Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Will and Brendan

Thirteen years ago, Erin and I were a couple of homesick college freshman who just happened to be assigned a room together. Lucky for us, a friendship formed that has carried us through many years now. 

Fast forward ten years, and there were two new little people (born 4 months apart) to bond over. photo BabyWill023-5.jpg
May 2010

While Erin and Brendan have lived all over the world, they are now settled in Nebraska.  Not as far as Okinawa, but still, not as close as we'd like.  A couple weeks ago they came to visit family in Virginia and we decided to meet up at the zoo.
 photo September2013028_zps67ab191b.jpg

Luckily the zoo wasn't very busy because we basically chased the kids around the whole time.
 photo September2013016_zps15a3b122.jpg  photo September2013011_zps4ee8166b.jpg  photo September2013018_zpscd00d77b.jpg  photo September2013021_zpscbfd6583.jpg

These two had a great time together.  Will continues to ask for Brendan on a daily basis.
 photo September2013032_zps0477493d.jpg

This picture is cute, but I think someone is missing.
 photo September2013037_zpsaad03595.jpg

Maybe next time... ;)

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Erin said...

I love it!! All of it but especially our baby boys! Where did the time go???