Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

Amelia and I joined Will's class for their Halloween party the other day.  I loved being there to give a helping hand and I'm pretty sure Will loved having us there, too. photo IMG_4977_zps6e6d4b96.jpg

Amelia thinks she's just one of the gang.  She joined the little girls at their table and enjoyed a snack with everyone.  In fact, every morning, she sneaks in to the classroom and tries to sit at the table.  I think she's ready for school.
 photo IMG_4979_zps47006a9a.jpg

Super heroes and princesses definitely reign in the 3-4 crowd.
 photo IMG_4985_zps6c1390e6.jpg

On Halloween morning, Will woke up and asked me for pumpkin pancakes.  What the little monkey wants, the little monkey gets.  Of course, he ate practically none of it.  It's OK though.  Clearly, I'm not busy enough and he just wants to help.
 photo IMG_4988_zpscda77b50.jpg

Looky who decided to wear a costume after all.  After deciding that she wasn't interested in nap time, I wasn't sure what to expect from her come the evening.  But little Amelia not only wore a costume, she also happily walked the entire neighborhood, saying "Treeeeeeat."
 photo IMG_4999_zps330e781e.jpg

Will decided Bailey should be a skeleton.  Clearly, Bailey was happy with the choice.
 photo IMG_5001_zps794e0d5e.jpg

We met up with our buddies for a night of fun.
 photo IMG_5007_zpsaf0cfd6a.jpg  photo IMG_5008_zps04f3df11.jpg

Will wanted a Paw Patrol pumpkin and Mike spent over an hour carving it for him.  It's so cute, I don't know how I'll bring myself to throw it away now that Halloween is over.
 photo IMG_5011_zpsd794e983.jpg

Poor Amelia got stuck with my carving skills.
 photo IMG_5016_zps84ce4427.jpg

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