Monday, November 11, 2013

The Contest Winners

So a few weeks ago, when I posted about the Patriots photo contest I entered begging for your votes... Yeah, we won. After 12 days of harassing friends for 'likes,' we ended up with over 5,000 votes, landing us in 3rd place.

 Since Mike has no interest in the Patriots (or the Steelers), it was a given that my cousin Becky would go with me. And after some deliberating, we decided the kids would stay home with Dad and Grandma. That's right. For a whole 48 hours, I was blissfully separated from my children. Yeah, I love them, but a little time away is good for all of us.

I flew up on Saturday afternoon and spent time with family (including a delish Chinese dinner and early birthday cake).

Then on Sunday, Becky and I were on our way.
 photo IMG_5031_zpsb27ea80a.jpg  photo IMG_5036_zps2c14824f.jpg

Our prize included tickets to the game, a VIP parking pass, a tent, cooler full of water and soda, two chairs, two can coolers, a fire pit, grill utensil set, two sweatshirts, two hats, bean bag toss, a fleece blanket, and 10 mini pizzas.

Here was the team coming to 'flip our tailgate.'  Or, just set up our tailgate since we didn't have much of one to start with.
 photo IMG_5037_zps2c5242bb.jpg  photo IMG_5038_zpsee9bb1e8.jpg

Becky and I laughed forever over the image of us sitting over our cold grill eating pizza, tailgating just the two of us.  However, with the help of the Patriots photographer, we managed to get a fire going.  We burned some hot dogs, handed out pizzas to people around us in an effort to make friends, played bean bag toss with aforementioned 'friends,' and helped ourselves to a neighboring couples' champagne.
 photo IMG_5042_zpsf9c052a8.jpg  photo IMG_5046_zpse4db35c3.jpg  photo IMG_5047_zpse6ff4ba8.jpg  photo IMG_5049_zps2081aeab.jpg

 photo IMG_5056_zps4c301279.jpg

Did you know the Red Sox won the World Series?
 photo IMG_5071_zps228f7ead.jpg

While the parking pass was for VIP, the seats really weren't.  Yeah, we were kind of high.  But that's OK.  It was still great.
 photo IMG_5083_zpsd50ec333.jpg  photo IMG_5085_zps5dff3c4a.jpg  photo IMG_5092_zpsda862d41.jpg  photo IMG_5098_zpse77520a1.jpg

I asked the prize coordinator if the winners got a meeting with Tom Brady.  She ignored my question.  Unfortunately, this incredibly zoomed image is as close we got.  Next time, Tom.  Next time.
 photo IMG_5101_zps7367b603.jpg

The Patriots won by a lot.  So. Much. Fun.
 photo IMG_5105_zps7ad834cc.jpg

Because no post is complete without a little something about the kids, here's a video I took of them dancing last month.

 And in case you were wondering, they did great without me. I think I need to go away more often.

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Christen Sanderson said...

So awesome, Carrie! So happy you won, and were able to get away for a bit. It must have felt amazing to not have to take care of anyone or anything for a few days!