Monday, December 23, 2013

Getting ready for Christmas

I haven't been blogging much.  I haven't been the best picture-taker either.  But we've still been plenty busy enjoying the most wonderful time of the year.

 Last week we went to a breakfast with Santa event that a little bakery downtown was hosting.  photo IMG_5596_zpsb144f8cb.jpg

Amelia was her usual charming self. She's not the easiest toddler to take out lately.  photo IMG_5591_zps73a459f9.jpg

Will has seen Santa several times now this season, which, while it's fun to have many holiday events to attend, I feel like it takes away from Santa's magic when he basically becomes the buddy you see every few days.

Here's Will talking Santa's ear off about his Superman shoes, brown shoes, and other important shoe stuff.
 photo IMG_5601_zps14e767c4.jpg
Santa kept trying to get him to stop talking and look at the camera.  Not happening, My Friend.

Amelia was not interested in seeing Santa on this day.
 photo IMG_5599_zps975245e0.jpg

Oh, Will.
 photo IMG_5612_zps92f106a1.jpg

Cookies from Santa!
 photo IMG_5615_zpsee37fccc.jpg  photo IMG_5618_zps4f82dae9.jpg

Will's preschool had a holiday concert and we were all very excited to watch him sing!
 photo IMG_5625_zpsb471499a.jpg

Except...  Will didn't sing.  During this song he moved his mouth like he was singing, but he was definitely faking.

Finally, he decided to stop faking and just have a seat.
 photo IMG_5641_zps3d8d8b6c.jpg

Then his teacher made him stand up so he decided to show a little girl his tummy.
 photo IMG_5642_zpsd538d768.jpg

Maybe he will sing next year.

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