Friday, February 28, 2014

Are you done blogging?

People have been asking me this. And by people, I mean my mom and a couple friends.

 The short answer is: maybe.  photo IMG_6216_zpsbf2a6b9f.jpg

Aw, don't be sad.

This month marks 4 years since I started this blog as a place to record Will's daily happenings, and, later, Amelia's too. As much as I love having a place to store photos and stories, the fact remains that it's incredibly time consuming.

 Soooo.... I'm just not sure.  The plan is to post without any major commitment.  Maybe once a week.  Maybe once a month.  I'll feel it out and see where I want this to go.

 photo IMG_6190_zps54fe5f05.jpg

In the meantime, life continues.  We had Christmas, a trip to Massachusetts, Will's first time skiing, lots of snow, two trips to the ER (stitches for Amelia and a concussion for Will), and a trip to Williamsburg.
 photo IMG_6224_zpsf0b4eb05.jpg

Amelia is on her way to 2.
 photo IMG_6004-3_zpsbb1bb23a.jpg

Will is creeping up on 4 and a half.
 photo IMG_6117_zps6239fef4.jpg

And currently, we are experiencing the winter suck and longing for spring.
 photo IMG_6437_zpsbceef155.jpg

We manage to fill our days with school, crafts, and a little too much TV.
 photo IMG_6473-2_zpsf8fdf27f.jpg

I think that's all for now.  We shall return shortly.
 photo IMG_6305_zps169d6024.jpg

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